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Systemic Coaching & Mediation

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I want to overcome problematic patterns!
I want to resolve conflicts sustainably!
I want clarity when making a difficult decision!
I want to balance my job and my private life!
I want to really use my potential!
I would like to face a new challenge with strength!

Changes and conflicts are part of our lives. Careers, needs and life plans are faced with unexpected challenges from both the outside and the inside. Goals are redefined or the path to the goal has to be designed innovatively.


As a systemic coach and certified mediator, I support you in finding the right solution for individual problems or conflicts in different areas of your life. My work is characterized by individuality, sustainability and solution orientation.


I am convinced that every person has their own resources and potential that help them achieve their goals or solve problematic life situations.

Contact me to receive an individual offer and to convince yourself that conflict resolution and development processes can be approached objectively and objectively.

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Systemic Coaching

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You are frustrated, strained, desperate and just unnerved. A solution seems impossible. The conflict often robs the conflicting parties of the strength and ability to find the best long-term solution.


Mediation is a structured procedure for dealing with conflicts out of court. Mediation can be applied to both economic and private conflicts.


What is crucial in mediation is that the parties to the conflict develop self-determined, voluntary, confidential and open-ended solutions to resolve the conflict.

We assume that the conflict parties themselves are the specialists for the content of their respective conflicts and therefore only they can find the best possible solution.

The mediator can therefore work on all subject areas.

As a mediator, I offer a structured process to support the parties to the conflict as an impartial third party in resolving the conflict independently and optimally.

I received effective and sustainable support through coaching during a difficult phase of my life and was able to change my life positively as a result.

With this motivation, I completed training as a certified business mediator according to the Mediation Act at the Mediation Academy in Berlin

(link: and to the systemic coach at the isiberlin Institute for Systemic Impulses (


I offer 25 years of professional experience as an investment consultant for an international real estate group and in asset management for an investment bank.


After graduating from high school at Schloß Salem School, I studied international management.


My work is broad and includes both mediation in the working world and in the private sector as well as coaching of managers, self-employed people and private individuals.


Alexander Wilde

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Fields of application

Communication and Relationships: Improving communication patterns and strengthening relationships. This can be relevant in both a personal and professional context.

Conflict management: Approach conflicts constructively and find new solutions that are acceptable to everyone involved.


Professional development: career planning and professional realignment. Changes often require adjustments on an individual level. Coaching helps to deal with uncertainty and resistance and promotes acceptance of change.

Self-reflection and personal development: increasing self-confidence, as well as defining personal goals and using specific strengths.


Stress and time management: teaching techniques for dealing with stress and developing effective time management strategies.


Work-life balance: Promoting the balance between professional demands and personal needs.


Values and life goals: Recognizing personal values and life goals and bringing these into harmony with professional and personal decisions.

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